Orange pension

Land backed OrangeIncome – Orange plantations in Paraguay

Land ownership and yearly returns

  • Agri Terra offers its clients the possibility to purchase land plots as part of a large orange plantation. Acquired plots are registered in the clients name in the Paraguayan land registry (clients get the land deed and become owners in fee simple). Harvested oranges of each plot are sold and generate yearly high returns for at least 25 years, starting in year 4.
  • Each land plot has approximately 5,000 m2 (1,24 acres) and a minimum of 320 orange trees.
  • Agri Terra and its affiliated companies operate the plantations and sell harvested oranges. That way, our clients benefit from an increase in value of the acquired land, and furthermore can expect yearly returns, starting year 4.
  • Agri Terra executives and associates count with decades of experience in the field of orange cultivation. The company is therefore the ideal partner for a longlasting, productive business relation with the individual investor. The company is compensated only based on positive financial results.

Minimum investment

  • An investment in land-backed OrangeIncome in Paraguay starts as low as 16.500 USD (additional closing cost apply) for a single land plot and a minimum of 360 orange trees. Starting year 4, expect returns from orange harvests of up to 35% (expected in year 8).

Terms & Conditions

  • Our clients become land owners in Paraguay in fee simple. All acquired land plots are regsitered in the Paraguayan land registry under the client´s name.
  • The management contract associated with the purchase of land: 25 years (from Year 4 current harvest yields, of course, the country can be sold at any time.
  • Net profits generated by each land plot are paid out on a yearly basis to the corresponding owner. Agri Terra and ist affiliated companies, is compensated through a Management Fee based only on pre-tax net profits.
  • Owners may sell or otherwise transfer the acquired land plots at any time, though the Management Agreement needs to remain vaild under the new owner.
  • Contact us for more details regarding terms & conditions.

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Investment security

  • All clients are registered as owners of their corresponding land plots in the Paraguayan land registry (land deeds are sent to clients after purchase)
  • Annual results are audited externally by renowned auditors Deloitte & Touche
  • One-time investment and never pay anything again under Agri Terra management: with Agri Terra, you only invest once and never have to pay anything again, as long as we operate the property. In case of operational losses, Agri Terra would have an obligation to cover these.
  • Agri Terra Group, Germany, counts with a breach of trust insurance policy
  • In case that trees don´t grow, we replace up to 10% free of charge (empirically, only 0,3% of trees need to be replaced)
  • Our plantations count with an all-risk insurance policy provided by a thrid-party insurance company
  • All contracts comply with strict German law; our projects are German operated
  • German umbrella company is protected by the German-Paraguayan investment protection treaty


  • Land plots are deeded individually and all clients are registered as owners in the Paraguayan land registry
  • Land acquisition and investment for land development are billed seperately; invoices detail all positions covered
  • Clients receive copies of the annual auditing reports (Deloitte & Touche, Paraguay)
  • Our clients may schedule a visit to our plantations at any time

Environment and social aspects

  • We plant hundreds of thousands of trees, and we set bee hives
  • Our plantations are located in zero deforestation areas (southeast of Paraguay)
  • We use the least quantity of pestizides possible; all products are bee-friendly
  • An investment in an orange plantation creates and secures jobs especially for low skilled workes (usually sole income earners of rural families)
  • We offer free vocational training, scholarships and donations
  • Contact us for more information regarding the environment and social responsibility

Huge market potential

  • 85% of all oranges sold in Paraguayan supermarkets are imported from neighboring Argentina. The cost for logistics and customs often outweigh the cost of the fruits. By growing oranges of equal (or better) quality inside Paraguay, we open the doors to a huge market potential
  • 70% of current Paraguayan population is under the age of 35. The fast growth of the population demands more and more supply of goods, e.g. oranges.
  • Supermarkets and the hotel industry are growing very fast in Paraguay, as are producers of juices, sweets, soft drinks and jams. The demand for oranges is growing exponentially.
  • Very limited access to financial capital and technology prevent local orange producers from growing, or entering the field in the first place
  • DInternational demand for oranges, orange juice and orange oil is growing fast, especially spurred by demand from Asia

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