Landbanking in Paraguay

Investing in agricultural land in Paraguay

Traditionally, the Paraguayan Government allows the acquisition of land in fee simple, by foreigners and nationals alike.

Foreign investors who want to acquire land in Paraguay DO NOT need to have a green card, permanent visa or a local partner. A valid passport is usually sufficient. Land may also be acquired by foreign companies or entities.

After acquiring land, the buyer is regsitered as full owner (fee simple) in the Paraguayan property registry. In case of individual investors, this is done based on the person´s valid passport. If the investor is a foreign company or other entity, the process of obtaining land registration as owner, is a little more extensive, as certain documentation of such entity is required under certain terms. We assist you in any step of this procedure.

Landbanking in Paraguay – a matter of trust

Virtually anybody can simply offer land to potential buyers. We want to be better, we want to do more than just that. For any given budget, we determine the best investment alternatives, and for any proposed property, we provide appraisals prepared by renowned experts. We only hire the most experienced surveyors, and we work with the most renowned law firms and public notaries. Our longstanding business relations with leading banks in the country help additionally to ensure a safe and profitable investment.

We support our clients before, during and after a transaction. We guarantee for our work and our advice.


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We recommend three forms of land acquisition

After you have chosen the right property for you, we prepare the entire transaction on your behalf. This includes due dilligence on corresponding land deeds, and we make sure the property is free of any liens or other third party rights. We double-check land dimensions and areas, and prepare the purchase agreement for notarization. We then schedule an appointment with the seller and the public notary, and you would then travel to Paraguay to sign the corresponding documents.

A contract for land acquisition is usually read out loud by the notary. We provide experienced independent interpreters to assist you the whole time. The services of an appropriate interpreter are required under Paraguayan law for buyers who do not speak Spanish. Under normal conditions, the entire procedure takes about an hour.

The purchase price is then paid directly to the seller (several forms of secure payment are available).

We offer the services of a chauffeur driven vehicle to our clients, and we arrange for additional tourist attractions and sightseeing if so desired by the client. Naturally, we arrange for a visit to the property before signing any agreement.

If so desired, we may act as an agent with power of attorney for our client.

We provide the forms and templates for a power of attorney. This may be very narrow (e.g., only for the acquisition of a specific property), or ample (e.g., for the acquisition of any property within a given budget).

Any power of attorney may be in the client´s language and is translated into Spanish by a certified translator.

Based on such power of attorney, we may then act as your agent in order to purchase the desired property for you (or an entity you represent). The property is registered under your name in the corresponding land registry.

Any payments are made directly to the seller.

We establish a Paraguayan public limited company for you on the spot (a Sociedad Anónima, abbreviated as SA), provide the necessary executive Board and representatives on-site.

If so desired, we may incorporate a Paraguayan entity (usually a limited liability company, or a company with shares of stock) on behalf of our client. This entity then purchases the property. You as the owner of the entity will become the indirect owner of the property.

Please contact us for an individual consultation regarding company formation in Paraguay.

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