Agri Terra Group: all positive experience thanks to safe investment alternatives

Agri Terra´s mission is clearly to repay its investors trust to the highest degree. The company offers its clients safe and secure investment opportunities in the field of Paraguayan agriculture. Several layers of security ensure a positive investment experience in Paraguay and therefore, satisfied clients.

Best provider of eco-investments

Agri Terra Group has recently been recognized as the best German provider of ecological investment opportunities, and especially for ist strong committment to environmentally friendly business practices. The quality of service has always been highlighted in evaluations from clients, which underlines and confirms the good reputation of the company. People also feel comfortable with the external auditing reports prepared by one of the worlds leading auditing firms, Deloitte & Touche, that also analyzes quality of services.

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Agri Terra GroupSecure and sustainable investment opportunities

Clients appreciate the fact that Agri Terra offers sustainable, secure investment opportunities that generate far higher returns than old-fashioned savings accounts or other forms of „paper investments“. Agri Terra cares for the environment and takes its social responsibility very seriously, therefore clients feel comfortable when generating high returns from commodities in a developing country. Land-backed investment forms are preferred by most clients, as the ownership in farmland provides a conservative, risk-averse base for the dynamic income component of agricultural production.

A visit to Paraguay convinced most clients

Many potential clients jumped on the opportunity to visit Paraguay and inspect the Agri Terra operations on site. Their expressed opinions on social media sites and evaluation platforms confirm excitement and enthusiasm. Each and every visitor gave us a positive evaluation, and almost every visitor became a client later. Please check our facebook page for some of the many reviews, and for the most recent videos and pictures from our Paraguayan properties.

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