This Website is for informational purposes only, and meant to be available only to residents of TAIWAN. NO offer whatsoever is being made to residents outside Taiwan by this website. The asset investment "Orange plantation in Paraguay" mentioned on this site is currently available ONLY to investors who are habitually resident outside Germany. At present, the sales prospectus required for this investment under German law (in accordance with VermAnlG / VermVerkProspV) is drawn up for distribution in Germany.

With the above instructions we want to ensure that with respect to the investment "Orange plantation in Paraguay" through this website no public offer in Germany within the meaning of § 1 Abs. 1 VermAnlG is made, but only offers in other countries. We ask for your understanding that, for regulatory reasons, we can only offer access to these offers to interested parties who are habitually residing outside Germany. We will inform all our German clients as soon as our offe is again available within Germany.