Land-backed OrangeIncome

Land ownership and yearly returns

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Investing in agricultural land in Paraguay

„My advice for a good investment? Buy a piece of land and a tractor“ – Jim Rogers

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OrangeIncome and land invest in Paraguay

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Land backed OrangeIncome

Agri Terra offers its clients the possibility to purchase land plots as part of a large orange plantation. Acquired plots are registered in the clients name in the Paraguayan land registry (clients get the land deed and become owners in fee simple). Harvested oranges of each plot are sold and generate yearly high returns for at least 25 years, starting in year 4.

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Agricultural land in Paraguay has continuously appreciated (in US$) over the past decades. An end of this tendency is not in sight, as available land for agriculture decreases around the world. Landbanking in Paraguayan farmland is a very secure and lucrative form of investment, especially for long-term investors, which provides high levels of protection against inflation and a strong currency protection.

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Why Agri Terra Group

Carsten Pfau is General Partner with full personal liability for the company. He counts with more than 25 years of experience in investing in Paraguay and Latin America.

Agri Terra owners Carsten and Michael Pfau invest and conduct business in Paraguay since 1995. An efficient network and well grown relationships to high ranking polititians, decision makers and the business community in general is the logical result of this long time presence in Paraguay.

Agri Terra Directors in Paraguay count with decades of experience in their respective fields. Our clients benefit from this vast experience and expertise.

Agri Terra offers you to own land in Paraguay and not only benefit from a constant increase in value (protection against inflation and currency) but also generate high rates of yearly return.